Sustainability Station

Check out our sustainable hydration solution!

Our sustainability stations provide an attractive addition to the school drinks market. The ultimate drinks machine, perfectly designed to suit education settings, serving school compliant chilled fruit drinks containing the purest water possible.

Popular for environmentally aware customers who are keen to use their own bottles for drinks meaning zero plastic waste when they buy one of these drinks.


Floor Standing machine for chilled fruit drinks using micro-filtered pure water at NO touch of a button! Easy set-up and maintenance.


Machine and counter branding supplied. Point of Sale materials available too


Play your part in wiping out single-use plastics by letting your customers use their own bottles for a deliciously chilled fruit drink.


The contactless sustainability station is the ultimate drinks machine, perfectly designed to suit education settings.

Not only will you get fantastic build quality, every Sustainability Station comes fitted with a FLUUX Filtration System as standard, removing microplastics and bacteria. Along with an extra UV filter, you can be sure your fruit drinks will contain the purest water possible.


  • Zero plastic waste refill station with built-in bottle sensor – use your own reusable bottle.
  • Chilled fruit drinks using micro-filtered, pure water, at NO touch of a button!
  • As standard the Contactless Sustainability Station comes with 1 x rinse and 3 x flavours.
  • Hover select – Just hover over your drink selection to choose:
    • Rinse your bottle before refilling
    • Fill with chilled, filtered, flavoured water.
  • Contactless Payment choices
    • Cashless Cards
    • Biometric Payment Systems
    • Free Vend


Blue Mountain understands what drives people to purchase our drinks we use that expertise and knowledge to help all our trade partners to maximise revenue.

Blue Mountain supplies you with a starter pack of machine and counter top branding to get you started that will be bespoke to your locations.

The Sustainability Station Media Screen, showing rolling or still images, can be used to display prices, sustainability and healthy eating messages and promotions

We can work together to make sure the brand works for your customers and develop any deals and offers you need.


Making a difference

The manufacture and disposal of water bottles has a devastating impact on the environment – generating at least 600 times more CO2 than tap water! Our sustainability station, that works with your customers’ own reusable bottles, is helping to eliminate this plastic waste.

The sustainability station machines, products and refills are all made in the UK which slashes road miles.

Energy is saved by flash-chilling the drinks when they are dispensed.