Iced Fruit Drinks


Iced fruit drinks are a long term, year round favourite with school aged children and are now are more popular than ever within cafés, coffee shops and restaurants as well as Schools. The great thing about these products from a business perspective, is that fantastic sales can be achieved.

Blue Mountain has developed a simple package so that a school's catering operation can introduce school compliant iced fruit based drinks for pupils and staff to enjoy whilst the business can enjoy healthy returns.

We supply a table top machine free of charge, along with a pack of consumables and marketing info to get you started and very quickly you and your customers will be enjoying great iced fruit drinks and great rewards.

Here’s more information:


Table top machine supplied free of charge. Easy set-up and maintenance.


Machine and counter branding supplied. Point of sale materials available too.


Popular and healthy! A great way to stay hydrated and get one of your five a day.


of your 5 a day

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Real Fruit




Nasty Additives


A high quality, 12 Litre twin tank, table top iced fruit drink machine

Blue Mountain Refreshments supplies a brand new, quality machine, free of charge. Robust, well made and reliable equipment backed with our guarantee – we will repair or replace in the event of any problems, giving you peace of mind that profitable sales will continue!

The large barrel format gives great 12 litre twin tank capacity, ideal for busy venues. Machines are easy to set up and clean, following the simple steps in our on-line video tutorial.

We put together a great starter pack with instructions, consumables and marketing materials, so as soon as the machine is in place you are ready to go!

Ordering of product and consumables is simple and straightforward.

Winter or summer, this is a great opportunity to boost sales with no upfront cost. Take a machine for a trial period, and give your customers something new today!


A great product needs great marketing and we work with clients and customers to highlight the optimum positioning of machines in order to maximise sales. Multiple machines placed at strategic locations make economic sense, enabling the offer of a variety of exciting flavours. For smaller outlets, a single machine can work well.

In either case, we can supply posters, banners and support material to launch the new product and to add interest throughout the year.

Our Cartoon Character Sherpa Sue (Climb Your Way to Five a Day!) makes marketing fun with competitions, incentives and giveaways to help maximise sales. Should you require a marketing campaign and material just for you, then don’t worry – just call us for a quotation.


Nice and Icy!

These fruity frosty treats are not just popular but healthy too, providing a great way to stay hydrated and get one of your five a day.

Blue Mountain iced fruit drinks have been specially developed to have no nasty additives, no added sugar and are vegan friendly! With a 45% fruit base they are also low in sugar.

Our refreshing real fruit tastes include:

Take your pick!

Click here for details on our allergen information.

A standard 150ml portion is equivalent to one of your five portions of fruit and vegetables a day which makes our iced fruit drinks such a popular choice. As Sherpa Sue says, “Climb Your Way to Five a Day”!

Hydration is very important for keeping energy and concentration levels high, so our iced fruit drinks are a different way to help children get the most out of every day by staying hydrated.

We have paper straws and our paper cups are made from recycled materials to make Blue Mountain drinks healthier for the environment too.

Machine Maintenance